About us

We’re committed to accelerating and scaling ecosystem restoration, for the benefit of people and the planet.

Who we are

Earthtree is the India based subsidiary of Earthbanc, a Swedish climate technology company. Earthtree delivers agroforestry and agriculture services across India and is focused on launching a large scale agroforestry project in the State of Meghalaya in north east India. We enable farmers to access support for planting trees and crops on their farm that scale up climate action with real and measurable social and environmental benefits. Earthtree plans, designs and supports the development of agroforestry systems, regenerative horticulture and agriculture projects. Indigenous species are prioritised to restore ecosystems and bring back biodiversity whilst supporting farmers with new revenue opportunities. We support communities on the front line of climate change and engage with farmers, landholders and stakeholders. Please note that Earthtree does not invest in land, we support landowners achieve their own land management goals.

Advisory Board

Pradeep Monga PhD​
Executive Advisory Board Member

Former Deputy Executive Secretary at UNCCD, Bonn; Director of Energy & Climate change at UNIDO, Vienna; Sustainable Development Advisor and Assistant Resident Representative at UNDP

Jennifer Helgeson PhD
Climate Economist

NIST.GOV Climate Resilience Calculator for Banking, Finance and Insurance Industry, Oxford, Fulbright, Grantham Inst, MSc Env Change & Mgt, LSE PhD